Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get your Cursive

I'm swamped in new music. I got at least three What I'm Listening to posts just waiting in the wings (The new M. Ward is fuzzy and good). Lots of bands are putting out their spring releases, getting ready to tour, and I appreciate them for that.

I also jumped on the nutty consumer bandwagon and got the Cursive album, albeit a few days late. So, $3 still is a good price to pay for a good album. And the money goes to the band, so that's all good as well.

The price goes up a dollar a day until it comes out next week on March 10.

Pick it up over Saddle Creek records.

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shelby said...

I got in on Cursive for $1. Don't know why more bands don't go this way. I bought an album by a band I knew nothing about. Granted, it just cost $1.

And the new Bishop Allen became available this week. Buy the cd and get an immediate mp3 download. More Bishop Alleny goodness!