Saturday, July 25, 2009

I can not lie. Day three of Merge XX has been plfucking phenomenal lineup. Each band brouth it harder and better than the band before.

However it was Lambchop that stole the entire show, setting the bar so unbelievably high that no one after even came close. I wrote them off for thei mellow vibe after two amazing sets by The Essex Green and Spent.

But then they justbuilt and built and built until the incredible crescendo of their 'Once In a Lifetime' cover.

That my friends is music magic. The crowd went INSANE. it was such a solid performance I think Polvo was scared to come on next.

Right now we're awaiting Spoon. And by awaiting, I mean the lights just went dim.

We will talk more later. I am about to rock.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So far we've seen The Broken West (very awesome), Richard Buxkner (a little intense) and Guv'ner (nice but not worth the wait).

Guv'ner apparently hasn't played in 10 years. It shows, but it's a true testament to Merge Records that so many bands that haven't played together in years would come out for this.

Happy birfday Merge! Here's to another 20 years!

We're here at Day Dos of Merge XX. My companion in all of this, Adam R., had the foresight to get us close to the stage so here we are , dead center.

We have no idea who's showing up tonight. We're a little more certain as opposed to yesterday, but still in the dark nonetheless.

It also seems we've met some cool people tonight near the stage with us.

Keep following. We'll update at the breaks (just so you dorks don't think I'm not watching the show).

Also, if there is some merch you want, email me and we'll setup a paypal or something. They got some good swag.

We're here at Day Dos of Merge XX. My companion in all of this, Adam R., had the foresight to get us close to the stage so here we are , dead center.

We have no idea who's showing up tonight. We're a little more certain as opposed to yesterday, but still in the dark nonetheless.

It also seems we've met some cool people tonight near the stage with us.

Keep following. We'll update at the breaks (just so you dorks don't think I'm not watching the show).

Also, if there is some merch you want, email me and we'll setup a paypal or something. They got some good swag.

The Rosebuds Get Some Help Singing Nice Fox

So not the best video quality, but here's a clip of The Rosebuds getting the crowd to singalong to Nice Fox as they closed out their set at Merge XX.

They put on one helluva a show, probably only topped in energy and crowd participation by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.

Without a doubt, my favorite show of the night.

So... We just saw The Magenetic Fields put on an unbelievable show. Now I have to go buy all their old stuff. I was floored by how amazing they were

Before them was The Clientele, who were good, but like Sunday morning clean the house kind of good.

Now setting up on stage are The Rosebuds, one of my all time favorite bands that Zak and Shelby hipped me to about two years ago. They've come through DC a billion times since then, but I've always missed them. Not today.

I really psyched about this.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When you go to these kind of things, you have to be open to all bands and all kinds of music. You can't be like a picky chid at a buffet.

Right now we're watching Oakley Hall. I was a little put out that it took the band a half hour to setup for what will essentially be a 20 minute set. They have 7 members on stage and i almost have the feeling they were restrained in that regard.

This is a band I'd check out if I had my old eMusic plan of 50 credits a month. But seeing as how I now only have 35, they'd have to knock my socks off. And only Lou Barlow has really impresssed me. So far. The night and the week is young.

Oakly Hall is good. This would be good in the fall, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Right now we're listening to Lou Barlow, kind of a cool singer songwriter fellow. Think a more American Damien Rice. First up was Pure. And much to my delight, Kelly Crisp from The Rosebuds is the MC tonight.

Lou just told us that he has a new album dropping in October from Merge. Make sure you check it out.

Hey everyone! The Shimmy Shake is live at Merge Records 20th anniversary show this week I'll be updating live from the concerts each night as well as on my Twitter. Maybe we can even score some interviews. Please keep reading and tell all your cool ass friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The DP's Top Music of the year so far...

So I've been lollygaggin since I put out the request to my fellow gang of bloggers about this. But below you will find what I think is some of the best music so far this year. There are some surprises, but for the most part, what you see here is stuff I have either written about here or on the Twitters (you follow me right???)

Nevertheless, here it goes.

1. Death Cab For Cutie's "The Open Door EP."
What a perfect album. Or EP. whatever. Leaps and bounds better than Narrow Stairs, with some of Gibbard's best songwriting to date.

2. Dark was the Night, Various Artists.
I listened to this again today to make sure I wanted to put it on here. It seems like a copout. Like an indie record buffet, everyone is sure to find four or five tracks they love. But sample it all. You will fall in love again and again as you listen to it.

3. Technicolor Health by The Harlem Shakes
This snuck up on me. Yes, Shelby's played them on his show a bazillion times, but seriously, that Strictly Game song is the best feel good song of the year. But the album is full of good music, witty lyrics ("I don't even get your t-shirt's pun"), and just a good time. This will be on your summer playlist.

4. Adult Nights by Wild Light
You will get hooked by the chorus of the first song. You wil stay for the Arcade Fire lite tunes. Backed by a major label (and an awesome promo team), this will be a strong contender at the 2009 Grammys.

5. Colonia by A Camp
Dream 70's schmaltz pop by Swedish chantreuse. Yeah it works. And works and works and works again. Oh, what's that, you don't own it? You must have been absent in the crazy media build up for it. (Note: Publicity companies: Take a hype machine note from Stunt Publicity)

6. Telekinesis!
I'm genuienly excited about seeing this band at Merge XX. His album is just a well produced treat. The Tokyo song is another party starter this summer.

Remainders: M Ward's Hold Time, Discovery's LP, Major Lazer's (aka Diplo/Switch) Guns Don't Kill People, Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Cut Off Your Hands' You and I)

You know where to find this stuff.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Georgy's top 10 albums and songs of 2009 (so far)

Hi folks. Georgy here. Dave asked me to shimmy on over (h'yuk) and share some of my favorite musical items from 2009 thus far. I haven't added an excessive amount of commentary, but hopefully enough to get you interested.

Note: I deliberately picked songs that are not on any of the top 10 albums. I cast a much wider net for MP3s than I do for albums, so I think there are some interesting picks in there.

If you like what you read, you can catch me blogging regularly over at Safe Digression.

Without further ado...


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz
- YYY albums always sneak up on me. I think they'll just be alright, and then Karen O never fails to blow me away. 'Blitz' is no different.
Eels - Hombre Loco
- A concept piece revolving around the concept of desire, the inimitable Mr. E leaves it all out on the table once more, and you can't help but be affected.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
- Yes, their band may have the most precious/pretentious name ever, but they put out a heck of a fun record, poppy with a hint of 80s throwback.
Hello Saferide - More Modern Short Stories From...
- My favorite quirky Swedish chanteuse
Bob Mould - Life and Times
- The man, the myth, the legend - he's not quitting anytime soon. Another solid effort.
Bishop Allen - Grrr...
- These guys continue to be some of the most inventive popsmiths out there. Another Boston(-originated) band makes good.
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
- What more can be said? She is simply captivating. This album is a compelling work that demands your attention.
A Camp - Colonia
- Another rec from the DP himself. I love me some Cardigans, and while the slower tempo on this record took some time for me to adjust to, I soon fell hard.
Passion Pit - Manners
- Yay, another Boston band makes good! Some of the most fun, well-crafted music I've heard in a while.
AC Newman - Get Guilty
- I always feel like AC is better off sticking to his other life as a Pornographer, but his solo work is pretty enjoyable, and this is no different -- probably better than his solo debut, actually.

Phoenix - 1901
- Just a fun electro-poppy cut from some hipper-than-thou French dudes.
Baby Dayliner - You Push, I'll Go
- I imagine this song playing in the car when you're heading out to the bar. Gonna get a vodka soda, with a lime, with a lime.
The Decemberists - The Rake's Song
- Was not a fan of this album, but this song just kicks ass. Deliciously spiteful.
St. Vincent - Marrow
- A fun, dark and crunchy offering from the lovely Ms. Clark.
Mary Onettes - Dare
- This song is a delightfully fuzzy new wave throwback.
Owl City - Hot Air Balloon
- The DP actually turned me onto this. He described it best: Postal Service Lite. Still fun, though.
Nickodemus - Sun Children
- An awesomely catchy summer jam, complete with a great horn section.
Thunderheist - Sweet 16
- Here's your dirty club cut of the summer.
Paper Moon - What Are You Going to Do with Me?
- This Canadian band has not got enough props for their solid head-bobbing pop.
Brighton Port Authority feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal - Toe Jam
- Probably my favorite song of the year. The video is a must-see. Censorship was never so much fun.

Monday, July 6, 2009

eMusic gets it right?

I was pretty harsh on Twitter about eMusic's summer changes. With the addition of the back catalogs of the major labels, plus the shrinking of my credits, I was not pleased.

But then I read this piece on 17Dots about how they were going to approach Sony, Epic, Arista, etc. And I remembered that I love music. I'm not clinging to indie. Some of my favorite artists are on major labels.

I also picked up MJ's Thriller.

I could see this working. I think eMusic is doing the right thing by expanding its consumer base while trying still honor the music. And this is good.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't Blink

I'm a fan of the Harlem Shakes Technicolor Health.

I'm an even bigger fan of this video. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What We're Listening To - Discovery 'LP'

Is it just me, or has there been a slump in music recently?

I'm glad summer is here. I hope this means a slew of good music. Stuff for long drives, stuff for afternoon cookouts.

But what about stuff for late night deck parties, filled with dry Rose (yes it's back in again), starry skies and sexiness?

The indie-super duo Discovery delivers with their oddly titled album, LP.

The love child of Vampire Weekend producer/keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot lead singer Wes Miles is an indie rock math equation that shouldn't happen. The results are nothing short of perfect.

What you have essentailly are is indie pop AutoTuned to hell. And despite J-Hova's anthemic proclamation (and summertime hit in it's own right) the little Roger and Zapp sounding voicebox ain't quite dead yet. And we're luckier for it.

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend with Dirty Projectors XXX is the jam. Joey Ramone would approve. Can You Discover?, already a standout about longing from Ra Ra Riot's 2008 album, gets the T-Pain treatment and succeeds wildly.

The album blips and bops around like a video game on crack. Osaka Loop Line feels like a trip through sonic the hedgehog. And what I hope won't be a trend this year, there's a cover of the Jackson 5's I want You Back.

I think T-Pain is finally getting in on the meta joke that is AutoTune (see him at the 2009 BET Awards). What I wanted Kanye's album to be (fun, party jams) Discovery's LP has achieved.

Get this now. Your summer party guests will thank you.

BONUS: Buy it from Amie Street for $8 and $2 goes to Oxfam.

Get Discovery's LP

Amie Street

Album available everywhere July 7.