Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When you go to these kind of things, you have to be open to all bands and all kinds of music. You can't be like a picky chid at a buffet.

Right now we're watching Oakley Hall. I was a little put out that it took the band a half hour to setup for what will essentially be a 20 minute set. They have 7 members on stage and i almost have the feeling they were restrained in that regard.

This is a band I'd check out if I had my old eMusic plan of 50 credits a month. But seeing as how I now only have 35, they'd have to knock my socks off. And only Lou Barlow has really impresssed me. So far. The night and the week is young.

Oakly Hall is good. This would be good in the fall, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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