Monday, July 6, 2009

eMusic gets it right?

I was pretty harsh on Twitter about eMusic's summer changes. With the addition of the back catalogs of the major labels, plus the shrinking of my credits, I was not pleased.

But then I read this piece on 17Dots about how they were going to approach Sony, Epic, Arista, etc. And I remembered that I love music. I'm not clinging to indie. Some of my favorite artists are on major labels.

I also picked up MJ's Thriller.

I could see this working. I think eMusic is doing the right thing by expanding its consumer base while trying still honor the music. And this is good.


Shelby Miller said...

I haven't condemned them yet, but much of the article you link to talks about how great it'll be to write articles linking popular music with indie music. You can do that without adding Sony's catalog.
I admit there are a few Sony albums I'll pick up. And, ultimately, if the change drives more people to eMusic who then might discover more indie music, it's a good thing for everyone. Except current eMusic subscribers who have to accept a new plan with fewer downloads for the same price.
We'll see what happens.
I know I've been heading to Amie Street a lot more often over the past couple of weeks.

Zak Champagne said...

go to a record'll solve all the world's problems