Monday, January 31, 2011

Hard of Hearing podcast launches in less than a month!

So a podcast. I can barely keep up with a blog.

I broached the idea of a podcast with Shelby after he shut down his Shifted Sound podcast last year. I had a little more time, and I liked what Shelby was doing.

So we talked back and forth and came up with a idea. A podcast, maybe once every two weeks, where we kind of banter a bit, a little trash talk, and we each get three songs. You get a fun podcast that didn't mean Shelby sifting through tons of music each and every week. And I'd pick up a some of the editing and what not (with his help).

He was sold.

So around the end of February, we'll launch Hard of Hearing: Independent Music for Adults. What that means is less snark, and probably more effusiveness for the music we like. Shelby and I have different tastes, but over the past four years we've tipped each other to some pretty awesome bands. It'll rely on feedback from you, there will be an interactive element to the show. But it will evolve and be an interesting experiment.

Hope you'll subscribe and listen. And feel free to drop me a comment telling me what you'd like to hear.

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Fort Lowell Records said...

Hell. Yeah.

This is going to be great! Both Shelby and Dave are great guys with good taste in music! Can't wait to be introduced to more new music from the dynamic duo!