Friday, February 11, 2011

Singled Out - Lady Gaga's Born This Way

I don't ever feel really bad about singling out tracks from clearly outsized pop stars. I might not ever write a full review of one of their albums, but the Singled Out kinda says "This is worth a grabbing."

Which is the way to think of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, a fist pumping, synth dance party, 180 beats per minute, Pride parade motivational chant. Like you can seriously feel the disco lights flooding out of your speakers as this rocks. At 4 minutes it doesn't seem quite long enough, like it's begging for one of those crazy 12 minute extended club dance remixes.

This is the closest Gaga has come to Madonna musically, and she is paying serious homage to the Material Girl. Express Yourself, Like A Prayer, even a little rap break down a la Vogue (and just as silly: "Don't be a drag/Just be a queen/Whether you're broke/Or evergreen").

I'm eager to see where this goes in May with her full album. She's an interesting creature and talented musician, though I think most of the time her message (if there is one) gets muddled. Here's hoping for clarity on the full release.

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