Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bands We Love - Hey Marseilles

A year or two ago, when Shelby was was still running Shifted Sound, he played a few tracks from Seattle band Hey Marseilles album To Trunks and Travels and they quickly became one of our favorites. A large ensemble full of violins, cellos, horns, accordions, guitars and propelled by Matt Bishop's vocals, they write songs of love and friendship that are truly beautiful and sincere.

I got excited when they came out east for a small tour last summer, and caught them at Sixth and I synagogue's basement show. Even with a whirlwind schedule (they had to be in Amherst the next day), they brought tons of energy and even willingly played two encore songs, essentially filling out their debut album live.

We're working on setting up a quick interview with them about their new album and plans for the upcoming year, but for now you can surf over to their website and grab the track Rio for the price of your email address. You can also check out this video below of that song plus another.

The Doe Bay Sessions - Hey Marseilles from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

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