Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On The Horizon - City Reign

We received an email in our Shimmy Shake inbox the other day which caught our attention, since it started off with praise for one of our reviews. It was a from City Reign, a band in Manchester. They simply said I might like their music and they didn't want to clog my inbox up with junk, so reply back if I wanted a track.

The tracks they sent back were definitely worth it. Released on their own Car Boot Label, Daybreak is a nice bit of anthemic guitar noise pop (Think a happier sounding Yuck). Lead singer Chris Bull matches bright harmonies against guitarist Michael Grice's fuzz. It's pleasant all the way around.

The Daybreak single (along with an extra live track The Line), will be available 9 May. Though I'm not sure where. Check their blog out for more info.

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