Monday, May 18, 2009

What We're Listening To - Telekinesis self titled album

Driving my oldest kid to a playdate the other day, I put on the Telekinesis! album and thought I like a lot of music that's Posies-esque.

Not anything against this album. It's good. Bright, happy pop songs, with the breakout wonder song every once in awhile. I can't stop whistling Tokyo. Look to the East also brings the energy. It's short (31 minutes), but near the end, I find myself looking to make sure.

The songs are hummers. They stick with you long after the album is done.

Also impressive? This is the work of one man.

This is the perfect spring album, made for cookouts and Sunday morning house cleaning frenzies.

Zak, the sometimes blogger here, derisively said he liked it better when they were called Death Cab For Cutie (I'm guessing cos of the Chris Walla connection, who produced the album).

First, I don't think Ben Gibbard has written a song anywhere near this happy in his life.

But second, it's not all that on point. For sure, it's closer to The Posies, but the first band that came to mind was Versus.

Nevertheless, this album is good. I think I'm going to go put this on blast and roll down my windows and drive the speed limit.

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Shelby Miller said...

Just picked it up through eMusic. Yer right, May's been a slow music month.

Adam said...

See, if you had come with me to see Say Hi [to your mom], you would've seen Telekinesis live for dirt cheap and been able to buy the album before the initial release date. :P

Y. Green Pittman said...

Why did they change their name?