Sunday, May 17, 2009


I took the month of May off for paternity leave, and had the high minded intentions of doting on my newborn son, learning French, listening to more music, and writing more on this blog thing.

The first was accomplished.

Je suis faim is the best of my French abilities.

And I've been sitting on a ton of eMusic credits. I dunno if May wasn't a good month for music or what, but eh.

It takes hard work to find good stuff. I had gotten fat and lazy because for awhile, I was tripping over good music.

But I found some time this Sunday morning to do a little writing, a little reading, and a lot of listening. I should have two new reviews up soon. And I should have an interview with A Camp sometime this week as well.

I'm all give over here.

Merci beau coup for reading.

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Nathaniel Engelsen said...


here's what i picked up last month:

"paper television" by "the blow"
"grand" by "matt and kim"

electropop. hit up "fists up" from the blow, and "daylight" by matt and kim.