Thursday, October 1, 2009

What We're Listening To - Cutting Ties by We Were Pirates

I will never get tired of indie pop. You give me some crazy ridiculous jangly guitar, some hand claps, sweet vocal harmonies, and I'm sold.

So when I got a recommend from Amie Street for local boy We Were Pirates (nee Mike Boggs with sometimes help), I was hooked instantly. It's short, fast and hits hard.

Boggs is best when he's sunny. The songs are full of simple, easy words about simple, easy love. Since when did indie have to be tortured all the time?

Settle Down he dangles marriage as a way to get his girl. The Three of Us has him settling for love in a weird triabgle, as long as "you love me more than you love him." Rich Girl is Beach Boys pastiche, with copycat vocals... all it's missing is the surfing.

It falters a bit when the songs get darker or more aggressive. Little Monsters and Long Year seem out of place. And for those of you pining for music DCFC used to make, check out the closer Don't Forget.

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