Monday, February 22, 2010

What We're Listening To - The Soft Pack's s/t

The Soft Pack's self titled kinda debut album (the first under the band's new name) is a fun 10 song, 40 minute ride, full of garagey punk guitars and mopey lyrics. It's an odd combination that works much better than you would think.

If I hadn't been hooked by the opener "C'Mon," I wouldn't have stayed for the rest. With its Dick Dale surf rock guitar opening, pushing drums, and ridiculously catchy chorus, these guys got the order right. "Move Along" and "Answer to Yourself" melds those depressing lyrics ("I don't know what shape I'm in/Living here I just can't win") with some classic punk motifs of simple guitar chords and bass.

My favorite one-two punch is "Flammable" and "Mexico," two songs that can't seem further apart. Flammable with all this bottled up quick energy, sounds like a train about to derail. Then it's back to that dreamy surf rock with Mexico, a song that almost twice as long as the one before it. It slows you down to a crawl, and it's beautiful.

In a year that so far has seen some pretty stellar releases, this is another notch on 2010's music belt.

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