Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Singled Out - FLR001 Young Mothers 7"

Will 2010 be the year we see a revival of the seven inch? God, I hope so.

Is there a more perfect, innovative way to distribute singles, pay artists, and keep people excited about music? Little Skittle-colored pieces of viynl, just brimming with one or two songs. More real than a digital download, it puts real dollars into artists pockets. They're cheap to produce, and if you've spent $5 on a 7in and it sucks, you don't feel like you've lost anything.

Indeed, the money you'll spend on Ft Lowell Records first 7 inch release from Phoenix band Young Mothers, is totally worth it.

With just two songs, you've got to come hard and impress. The first song "Come On, The Cross" is a strong indie pop effort. Multi harmonies, jangly guitars. Kind of reminds me of Weezer (early) or The Decemberists (but with out all that Decembereists weirdness). A wandering coworker said it reminded him of Modest Mouse. So there ya go.

The second, Good Swords, is a slower, more barebones affair. And though I'll probably regret this later, it reminds me of Versus in their more tender softer moments. It's beautiful and serene.

There's plenty of Young Mothers work in iTunes, but I'd wait until April 17 to pick this up. I'm sure the good folks at Ft Lowell will be tossing in some extra goodies with this first release.
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