Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had intended to write a post about my newest Christmas music purchase, and how much I love this genre of music, and how corny that makes me.

But before I started writing, I came across LA Times Music Blog Pop & Hiss, and was reading their intense defense of Kanye West's performance on SNL last week.

The LA Times, above alomst any other publication, has been a staunch defender of Kanye's latest album. I'm not sure if Kanye is secretly an heir to the Chandler or McCormick fortunes (haha newspaper history joke), but they loved 808s and Heartbreak. They even compared it to Marvin Gaye's Here, My Dear, his own very personal album written after his very bitter divorce with Anna Gordy.

As you are aware, I think Kanye's fourth album is a hot pile. A very good friend of mine vehemently disagrees. But that's perfectly okay to disagree about the merits of an album.

Kanye's performance on SNL was flat out garbage. It could be that the album doesn't lend itself to live performance (note the last song on the album, Pinnochio Story, sonically sounds the worst). It's very processed, and very personal, and Kanye is nothing if he's not a showman. And the show he put on was dismal.

The crowd is dead quiet. It's incredible sterile. And there are these huge screens in the background, and just him.

Mrs. The Shimmy Shake made a face while he was singing.

Hopefully Kanye has hit his lowest point.

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