Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Other Voices

I'm glad I never made any promises at the start of this blog.

Like, I never promised this wouldn't become a group blog.

Because it isn't becoming a group blog.

But I am inviting some people to pitch in occasionally.

There's something to be said for a diversity of voices. I like poppy dance music. But that excludes a lot of the rest of the spectrum of indie rock.

So, I have some friends. People I really respect, who've turned me on to some really great music. The first person you'll probably read is Georgy C. She writes way better than I do. And she has better tastes in music than I do. Expect to see her end of the year up here soon.

Second is Jeff M. Jeff's been sending us emails, and I've been posting them. So I asked Jeff to just write instead. It'll make it easier on all of us.

Finally, Zak C. should also be showing up sometime, though I don't know when. He's got an interview brewing with a graphic artist and some other stuff.

They've got the keys to the place, so there won't be any editing or me going back and touching up what they've written. I asked that they use tags to keep the place nice, but who knows.

I hope you all enjoy someone else bloviating for awhile. I'll still be writing. I'm not taking a break or anything. Just letting some other people in on the fun.

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