Friday, December 26, 2008

T-Shirt Giveaway

So, I'm cleaning out stuff in my bedroom, and I find two unworn shirts from two very awesome concerts this year.

And I'm thinking, "Hey, new shirts to wear!"

But I'm also thinking that I haven't worn these shirts, and I already have two dozen shirts that I find hard to wear already.

So, I decided to have a giveaway. Our first ever here at The Shimmy Shake.

These are two, brand new, unworn shirts from two very awesome bands. The first is from the Ra Ra Riot show I went to back in October. And the second is from the the Bishop Allen show I went to in November.

The Ra Ra Riot shirt is green. The Bishop Allen shirt is white. I'm not going to go into detail about what's on them. They both are American Apparel. And they are both XL (I'm not a big guy, but AA shirts cut kinda close.). If you wash and dry them, they will shrink, so if you wear a large, you might be alright after a few washes.

Interested? Good. Leave a comment on this post. It's gotta have an email address attached to the name, or I can't get in contact with you. I'm not gonna spam you or anything.

Contest ends 11:59 pm Dec 31, 2008. I'll randomly pick people the next day, post winners and send emails out. There will be a one winner for each shirt. If you have a preference, say so in the comment (then you'll only be in the drawing for that shirt. Got that?) If no preference, you'll be in the drawing for both.

Tell all your cool ass friends! Even your not cool ass friends!


Adam said...

Uh, sure. I like free things.

Adam said...

Apparenly Adams like free stuff.
Anyway, I've been enjoying the blog. To continued successes in the New Year!

The DP said...

@Adam in San Fran: Thanks for reading! We'll have some more stuff to give away from artists and bands in the new year.

Jeff said...

Am I allowed to get in on this action?

Zak Champagne said...

Some super cool dad already got me the bishop allen shirt...but I'm a tshirt junkie! Send me the Ra Ra Riot shirt so I can sell it on EBAY bitches!

The DP said...

@Jeff Yeah, you're eligible. Tell your wife to get in on it too. Then you could share the shirt.

@Zak I don't think you'll get much. Aren't a lot of people in the indie crowd rock the XL.

GO BANANA said...

You're so gay

evan said...

Admit it's winter, fatass.

shelby said...

I think you've suckled at my teet long enough. It's time for me to suckle back. I want the Ra Ra Riot shirt!