Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I didn't forget about ya

Hey there!

I know, we do this dance occassionally. You've probably been checking in dutifully, only to see there are no posts. And again, I have to apologize. But I have a really good reason.

My computer died two Thursdays ago (before the Inauguration). I wasn't too worried about my music collection (I'm a huge proponent of frequent backups). But since I can't really listen to new music at work (thanks government firewall!), it really limited my ability to get new stuff. Coupled with the influx of family and all the inauguartion stuff that went with it, it was a bear.

But now I'm moving at 200 mph and getting caught up on a lot of old stuff. Today you're gonna get a glut of reviews, random thoughts, and even another giveaway.

I know. It's like my little make up present to you.

Cos I love you all.

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