Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Albums of 2009: No. 8 - fun.'s Aim and Ignite

We need to reward genre hopping more. Like right now.

What is fun.? Is it gospel? Is it folk? Is it carnival music? Is it Queen?

There's horns, violins, boy girl harmonies, and the soaring vocals of former Format lead singer Nate Ruess. It's cheesy and very senior year drama high school musical to be sure. But hey, you like Glee right?

Ruess doesn't hold back, with the first four songs on the album kinda grabbing you and shaking you down for spare change. Be calm, he skitters and scatters. He channels Freddie Mercury often (All the Pretty Girls) and it's nice when he does (not like Adam Lambert, who you kinda wish would just shut the fuck up).

The sweetest song is the piano recital-esque The Gambler. It dips into treacle at points, but again, you still eat Apple Jacks and watch Glee.

Not all pop has to be serious, or studied. Sometimes it only needs to be fun.

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Shelby - Shifted Sound Host said...

Hey, one for three so far. This one's awesome!