Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big Pink - "Dominos"

I picked up The Big Pink's record "A Brief History of Love" after reading all the buzz about them, including mentions on Best of 2009 lists. As with most new records, I put it on while I was in the kitchen.

When "Dominos" (track 3) hit, I was hooked. These guys aren't playing around. A huge Bonham-esque backbeat, fuzzed out shoegaze guitars and a FULL CHORUS directly following the 8-bar intro.

Not a half-chorus to tempt you.

Not a full chorus with the lyrics missing.

The full, unadulterated, you'll-hear-it-again-in-30-seconds chorus. By the minute and a half mark, you've heard it TWICE.

And, well, I gotta admit... it's a brilliant chorus. The spirit of Berry Gordy lives on...

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