Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So here we start another new feature, called Remainders, where I will attempt to place stuff that doesn't quite generate enough copy for a full post, but still needs to be written about.

Think of Remainders as a collection of Tweets, streamed all at once.

So. let's get our Remainding on!
  • I'm very sad I didn't give Hold Steady a fair try in 2008. Stay Positive is a great album. Jeff M, the Human 808, isn't a fan though. He writes that they sound like their previous incarnation, Lifter Puller, but "with more Budweiser."

  • Shifted Sound, the best damn indie rock podcast on the planet, has Griffin House live in studio this week (Episode 142). Check it out

  • NYC band The Dig has released a three-song demo at their website. A little more hard-rocking than what we normally listen to, it's good stuff. And it's free. And they will also be bringing their psychadelic rock to The Black Cat on Monday Feb 16.

  • Amazing Baby's new single Bayonets is alright too. Again, free at various sites around. I wonder how the rest of this album will sound when it comes out this summer. If they take it down on the earnestness level a few notches, it could be really good.

  • I am fascinated with this Chris Brown domestic abuse thing. I shouldn't be, but I really can't imagine Chris Brown hitting anyone. I also can't imagine anyone hitting Rhianna (that girl is fwine).
Please feel free to tell me you don't like this feature. We'll try and make it better in the future.

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