Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I'm Listening To - The Pains of Being Pure of Heart

We're not ones for long band names. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead? Great band, too long of a name. The Band? There's a name we can believe in.

That being said, I'm really pleased with the debut effort from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (seriously, that name is just a bear to write).

The Pains eponomous album is fine work of shoegaze (or dream) pop (think Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl). It's all jangly guitars, fuzzed out sounds, whispering girl vocals, earnest dude singing. The music never moves beyond the super pleasant category, which is really nice. Some of the songs are reminiscent of early Pablo Honey-Radiohead ("The Tenure Itch"). But when they get a little too dark, there's another song to bring it right back up and around again.

It's good background music, probably better driving music when the springtime hits.

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Adam said...

I picked this up over the weekend and second your recommendation. Good stuff. Wish I could have made it to the show at the Black Cat last night.