Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentines Day

First off, have you entered to win a free CD from Kristin Andreassen yet?

It's pretty simple. Leave a comment at the above entry with some way to contact you, and we'll draw names this Friday.

Second, I put together a mix CD of some really nice songs for Valentines Day last year, and gave them out as presents. I updated it for this year, so if you're interested in having one, leave a comment or email me your address and I'll send them out at the end of the week. That's it. You want a CD, you get one.

Warning: I'm going to try and do my damnedest to send them out, but I'm A)sometimes horrible about these kind of things, and B) expecting a new baby in the next two weeks. So, I'm off Friday, if I have your request by then, I'll put them in the mail.


Adam said...

Is it even possible for me to turn down free stuff? I'm thinking no.

Anonymous said...

I want one man! And you have my email address.

Colleen said...

I think you only get out of this if the baby comes. Otherwise, I'm pestering you constantly until my CD shows up!

maena said...

i'm late, but...CD me! did you already send them? -emily