Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I'm Listening To - No Doubt's The Singles Collection

I will, without a doubt, catch unholy hell for this.

But I've had this thing on repeat since I snagged it from Amazon's Daily Deals a few days ago.

First off, it was $1.99. Which is the equivalent of two songs. Seeing as I have zero No Doubt in my iTunes, I figured this was worth it.1

Second, don't pass up cheap collections on Amazon mp3. You will always like at least 3 songs, and if it's less than $2, then get it.

Third, No Doubt has sold 27 million records and had a bajillion hit singles. You probably own Tragic Kingdom. You know all the words to Don't Speak. And though you might hate on ska, you like the horns in Spiderwebs.

No Doubt, despite whatever artistic criticisms you might have, make pop music. Well received pop music. They've endured over two decades of a shifting music industry. You've gotta reward and champion a band like that.

It's still on sale at Amazon. Stop whistling "I'm Just a Girl" and go get it now.

1Upon further review, it appears I do have a No Doubt song in my library. It's was from KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas, and it's a live version of Spiderwebs. And it is AWESOME.


GO BANANA said...

But you are just a girl. A whiny pansy ass girl

Zak Champagne said...

I just threw up in my mouth. Literally in my mouth.

Zak Champagne said...

I just learned that David hasn't slept in like 4 days totally accounts for this completely ridiculous post. It was a complete lapse of reason and I wouldn't be surprised if it is removed soon. So get your mean comments in now. I'm sorry for making fun of him. It's not his fault at all.

Alexandria said...

I have to admit that I'm surprised at this post as well. however, I can appreciate that you're standing by your convictions on this and 3 days later it has not been deleted. the simple fact is that pop sometimes gets it right. we all have guilty pleasure tracks we hope no one finds out we actually purchased, listen to and enjoy. you happen to be bold enough to come out of the closet with your dirty little secret. kudos. -alex