Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kristin Andreassen - Kiss Me Hello

If I'm in the car between 6 and 8 pm on Saturday, odds are I'm listening to Garrison Keillor's A Prarie Home Companion. I've been doing this since I was a little boy. I've been to see the show live once, and it is truly something you should do if you have the chance. Each show is a masterpiece.

But something I forgot about APHC is that it's constantly introducing me to new music. And this week delivered a pleasant surprise.

Performing on the show was Kristin Andreassen. And the only song I caught was "Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes."

And I was hooked.

Her 2007 solo debut album, "Kiss Me Hello" is a happy mix of country, blues, folk, pop, jazz. Essentially, this is Americana music.

Andreassen is a masterful songwriter. A winner of the Jonh Lennon Songwriting contest, you can tell that ever word is deliberate, nothing thrown in or thrown away.

"Crayola" is a fun romp that starts off the album, with her searching through a big box of 64 trying to find Looking for a great song for your Valentine's Day mixtape/playlist? Might want to start here. The title track is a sweet, playful diddy that comes right in under two minutes. It's crammed with so many all-girl harmonies, horns, and light percussion, you'd think it'd be too much. "Pale Moon" might be my favorite after "Crayola," a bluegrass lullaby that I will no doubt sing to my next child.

She's also a multi-instrumentalist, playing virtually every single instrument on the album. The slow fingerpickin on "Fly" is just as good as you'd find on a Ralph Stanley album or Nickel Creek album.

I cannot praise this album or artist enough. But if you don't believe, check out the APHC webpage and listen first. Then go buy.

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