Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bishop Allen at The Black Cat

Went to see Bishop Allen last night at The Black Cat, on the first date of their fall tour. A good mix of people showed up (including a guy from job who I did a psuedo interview with a few months back... always awkward).

Anyway, the first band up was the very impressive Electric Owls. A one man band, just Andy Herod, his acoustic guitar, and his MacBook. I checked out his MySpace page before going to the show and was really surprised at how solid he sounded. He did not disappoint.

The next band, Philly's Drink Up Buttercup... The less said the better.

Finally, Bishop Allen came on and didn't disappoint. They played mostly songs from their new album, and it won't disappoint. The stuff from Broken String was always exceptional, especially "The Monitor" and "Castanets." (note: Why DC won't you get down with the sing-a-longs? If he wants you to sing, you should sing. Bastards.)

All in all a good show.

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