Thursday, November 6, 2008


Normally I shy away from remixes.

"What's that? You want to sell me a bunch of songs I already have? I'll pass."

And earlier this year, I was almost quick to dismiss the "Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep" remix of The Rosebuds "Night of the Furies."

I'm glad I didn't. From the Merge website:
Night of the Furies contained songs of despair and loss that roused friends of the band to present them with personal reconstructions of these dark tales. The resulting assortment of dance tunes and lullabies delighted Ivan and Kelly, and inspired them to release Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (Night of the Furies Remixed) as a free download available only here at Merge.
There are songs that I like better than others, but the reinterpretation of what I thought was already a great album is really amazing.

Because I harbor some guilty love for big energetic dance/house music, I love the El Venado "Cemetery Lawns" remix, and both "I Better Run" versions (though I like the first one more). But it's the "Get Up Get Out" remix by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon that stands out the most. It slows down the urgency of the original and wraps it with these acoustic guitars and Star Trek-space sounds.

The best part is? It's totally free.

Check it out. I think you'll like it.

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