Friday, November 14, 2008

Stars - Sad Robots EP

I am a cheapskate.

Not really, but I refused to pay $5 for the Stars new EP Sad Robots, when I already cough up $15 a month for eMusic.

Yes, I'm aware of the way the economy for independent music works, and that bands probably make way more money from direct sales than from my eMusic purchase.

And yes, I realize that I'm coming to this EP over two months late. That is the price you pay sometimes.

A bad price really, cos this album is good. You kinda gotta ignore that steampunk Victorian era machine concept they got going on. I'm liking everything that's on the damn thing.

It's only six songs!

So short. So sweet.

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torquil said...

hi...glad you're enjoying the record....but i just wanna let you know that we paid for every piece of sad robots ourselves, and that we work on salary for under forty thousand dollars a year...we really need people to support the music if they like it by buying it! We're selling the e.p. for four dollars on our own website,, so....that's a better price! thanks for writing about our music, we do appreciate your words...
best, torq of stars