Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothing lasts forever

I was in seventh grade when Use Your Illusion One and Two dropped.

I can still think of the ridiculous girl I had a crush on whenever I hear November Rain.

It was the first time I heard "Live and Let Die" and to this day, I more closely associate that song with Axl's screech than with Sir McCartney's dulcet tones.

Today is the date that Chinese Democracy drops. Or is available. Or something.

Doesn't matter. I won't be getting it.

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Georgy said...

My favorite GNR memory is my slow dance to "November Rain" in middle school with a boy I had a crush on. I was psyched because 8 minute song = extra long time doing the middle school dance-frankenstein arms thing. But a couple minutes in, we got into a heated debate about the music video (whether or not it was Axl's dream or not? Or something?) and were sort of standing there, hands-on-hips like, arguing about it, wasting that glorious opportunity. Alas.