Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cymbals Eat Your Face

So, I talked to Zak C. yesterday, just a usual check in, and he starts raving about this band Cymbals Eat Guitars, which I had seen on Pitchfork a while back (to rave reviews, which is never a good sign).

I kind of remembered hearing them on their MyFace page and had been momentarily intrigued.

They're good. I'm getting the album today, we'll report out later. it's a lot of that loud/soft/loud crash guitar stuff that was popular way back when. For all you suckas praying for Pavement to get back together, this band kinda fills that bill.

Everyone wants to be fucking Nirvana.

No in all seriousness, the stuff I've heard on their page is pretty solid. So I'm going to pick this up. They have it at Amazon. Or Insound. or itunes. or wherever music is sold.

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