Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Soundtracks for novels?

When you're a semi-important music blogger, you get all kinds of crap in your email inbox. Mashups you don't care to hear, DJ remixes that was a good idea to someone apprently.

But amid the crap, there is often a little bit of gold.

Today's gold was the free sountrack to a novel.

That's right. A novel.

It's 'How to Break Bad News,' the debut work of Tim Molloy. According to Amazon, it's about a the collapse of the news industry and one mans struggle to... zzzzzzzz.

You didn't come here to read about a book.

The album is alright. You gotta set the bar lower for free stuff, and this sails over it. It's a collection of a bunch of RCRD LBL artists I have only mildly heard of (Coco B's...), and it's pretty good.

Eseentially you have a RCRD LBL sampler. But they call it an album. It's got a lot of energy.

The book got good reviews too. So maybe I'll give up this music thing and read a little bit.

Download "How To Break Bad News" Soundtrack from RCRD LBL

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