Saturday, April 11, 2009

What We're Listening To - A Camp's 'Colonia'

You probably stopped listening to Nina Persson after The Cardigan's Love Fool.

And you've missed out. Because she's never stopped making great music, with one foot firmly stuck in the 70s.

And her new effort with supergroup(?) A Camp is the fucking real deal Holyfield. James Iha plays some guitar. You got some Sparklehorse.

It is good in all kinds of ways. The entire album sounds like it was produced by Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, which as I'm writing it, sounds like a bad idea.

But the songs are all beautiful. The lead single, "Stronger Than Jesus" is sweet and witty (Burning Like Belgians in the Congo). "Chinatown" rips a line repping Polanski's movie with "This is Chinatown/just a state of mind."

She even looks a little like Mia Farrow.

My favorite song might be the girl/boy harmonies of "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals." I'm not even sure why. It reminds me of dried roses.

This is another strong contender for Top 10. Check it out.

A Camp's Colonia will be available in the US on April 28.

Thanks to Sue and Stunt Company for an early album copy.

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