Friday, April 10, 2009


Scrounging around the Remainder bin

- Zak and Shelby peeped me to the Record Store day thing. You know my feelings about digital music. But leave a comment if you'd be interested in me checking this out. Cos I will. I aim to please here. Give the people what they want.

- Big ups to the promotion people at Stunt. Wowzer. They are some kind of amazing. Especially Sue.

- Got a preview of the new A Camp album. That shit is good. GOOD! Like Bowie but better. I'll do a full write up later, but you need to download "Stronger Than Jesus." Like now.

- Do you follow me on Twitter? Seriously, that's where the magic happens. Sweet, < 140 character black magic.

- is pretty amazing. You should be rocking that.

- Did you hear Ep #150 of the best damn podcast ever? Okay, you still can. Even after this week is up. So this is a note to people who stumble over this site in the future. Click that link and experience the sexiness that is my voice and the bourbon fueled ramblings of my brain.

- Also future people: do we have flying cars? What about Apple implants in brains?

This weekend was made for whole hogs.


Adam said...

Oooh, I forgot Record Store Day was coming up. As if I need an excuse to go visit Sound Garden...

Shelby said...

I think you should check out Record Store Day. I'll probably drag my kids to Good Records between baseball games. They've got quite a shindig planned: