Thursday, April 23, 2009

What We're Listening To - The Veils "Sun Gangs"

I have been loving this album for all of April.

It came across as a suggestions from Amie Street, and geez it's good.

I'm told the lead singer is the son of someone famous who I don't know.

I don't care.

The album starts off with what might be my second favorite single of the year so far. "Sit Down By The Fire" is this U2-esque arena rock song, big and grand but lacking Bono's bullshit.

From there the album stays poppy and dark, channeling the best of Morrissey, The Cure, and Jeff Buckley.

Yeah, you're fucking intrigued now aren't you?

It's a bit heavy on the Jeff Buckley, so if you like that, you'll like this (I mean, who doesn't like Jeff Buckley?)

The album is scattershot sonically, but that sort of randomness is good. it makes you work a little bit more to really like this album. You need to give it repeated listens. "Three Sisters" is a fantastic song, but it's not going to grab you out the gate first. "The Letter" is another beauty, a pretty ballad. And ending the album with "Begin Again" is a good move.

New Zealand is really coming strong this year.

This is my third must buy of the 2009 so far. Get it now.

Download The Veils "Sit Down By The Fire"

Buy The Veils "Sun Gangs"


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Shelby said...

All right, I listened to this on your first recommendation and wasn't grabbed. However, I've got some emusic credits to burn, so I'll grab it and give it a listen.

The DP said...

I'm a fan of this album. That opening salvo really sold me.

Plus, they got high middling reviews from Pitchfork on their previous stuff. i trusts the 7s more than the 10s.

But glad to see you getting it Shelby...

Imperfect & Happy said...

Daaaavvvveee... let's get to some hip-hop rootz... Have you taken a listen to Blu & Mainframe and their album Johnson & Jonson?

Do so.