Saturday, April 4, 2009

What We're Listening To - White Lies "To Lose My Life"

You've gotta love a band that is so openly and unapologetically bombastic, while shamelessly aping the sound of an 80's synth legend.

White Lies debut isn't incredibly deep. The lyrics aren't especially moving. There doesn't seem to be a great string of literary cohesion. And I feel that if this was your standard indie pop, I would've passed this over.

But from the first track to the last, it's clear that this band is trying to be the second coming of Duran Duran. It starts out big, and is remarkable for that sustained energy alone.

When the songs are good, they make you think, “Damn, I did love the 80's” The Opener, Fear, is a tremendously large happy romp about death and love (which is kind of the album's entire theme.)

The sound is what everyone is doing now. You had The Killers make it novel a few years back, and you had The Rosebuds make it perfect with “Night of The Furies.” But this album might be the last sip from that well.

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