Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Grand In the Bank!

Quietly, yet still resonatingly, our little site here has jumped the 2,000 page view mark.

I wish this meant something, but it really doesn't.

But here's a little simple math for you. It took 106 days for us to reach the first grand.

It took 72 for the next.

I'm not sure even Ron Jeremy or Peter North could sustain that kind of performance, but considering that I pretty much duffed March, I'm fairly amazed at the residual value that the site generates. If you listened to the epic episode #150 of Shifted Sound, you heard me briefly allude to the residual everlasting value of blogs, podcasts and other electronic media.

I digress.

Thank you all for reading the site regularly. I appreciate it a ton. I don't get ads or anything but personal satisfaction out this blog. So thanks for giving me that.

You can write it off on your taxes next year.

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