Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I skipped out on Record Store Day

There are those that ewould have you believe that I boycotted or deliberately missed Record Store Day.

That is only half true.

While I support independent music stores, and find them to be worthwhile and even necessary enterprises, they are not for me.

I'm a grown ass man.

Gone are the days when I had hours to while away, having esoteric arguments about whether Flava Flav added something of value to Public enemy (He was indeed the yang to Chuck's ying).

But now I have kids. I have an entire digital music collection. And I shop online. I am a child who was born with both the knowledge of the preelectronic life, and an entirely digital one.

And I chose the one and zeros.

record Store is an important event, and I'm glad bands and customers turn out to syupport them. But like my beloved print newspapers, they are an anachronism, a relic of bygone era. i support you, but I'm not sure I can sustain you.


Zak Champagne said...

you make me sick. If I wasn't going to see you in two days I'd say so many more mean things here.

Worst post ever! There are just so many things fundamentally wrong with this. Did you really compare independent record stores to newspapers? Seriously?

It's okay to miss it...but not okay to diss it!


The DP said...

I incite cos I love....

I get to see my best friends in two days!!!

Shelby said...

After seeing the post title in my RSS reader, I thought the body of the post would read simply "Because I am a puss."

I picked up some great limited edition stuff at Record Store Day. Will I venture back to that record store soon? Probably not. In fact, I'm downloading the new Depeche Mode from Amazon mp3 as I type.

But I LOVE my groovy orange and white vinyl Blitzen Trapper 45". And I'd buy more because I like the artistic aspect of it.

Oh, and I took my three kids, who loved the live music from the youth rock orchestra led by a couple members of the Polyphonic Spree.

Take that digital music man!

Zak Champagne said...

Thank you Shelby! Much more eloquently put! And I too picked up loads of exclusive stuff. One of my favorites is that blitzen trapper 7 inch as well. But mine is pink and white!

Other highlights for me...the gaslight anthem 10 inch recorded live at Park Avenue (my FAVORITE record shop) and Andrew Bird/Loney Dear Split.

I missed out on the Pavement Live LP and the Cursive 10 inch. They were already gone by 1015 am.

LOVED record store day!

Shelby said...


You know, you're right, my Blitzen Trapper 45 is pink and white as well. Was mixing up things in my feeble mind.

My store didn't have Pavement, but I scored the Cursive disc as well as one of the hand silk-screened Breeders discs.