Sunday, April 26, 2009

What We're Listening To - Death Cab For Cutie's The Open Door EP

I was so disappointed with DCFC last full length effort. Mostly because they launched that amazing single "I Will Possess Your Heart." and the rest of the album was such shit.

I felt ripped off a bit. Because I thought they were headed in this sort of new edgier than Coldplay, not quite as adventurous as Radiohead direction.

That was not the case. It was this kind of milquetoast interpretation of a formally very good band.

But I guess one starts dating Zooey Deschanel, and all of a sudden you're making some of the best music ever.

The Open Door EP is nothing short of brilliant. Five songs, each packing a pop wallop that makes you stand up and take notice. The first song, Little Bribes, is some sort of bizzare love story set in Las Vegas. It sets the tone because Diamond and A Tether might be some of the finest writing Gibbard has done. It just sort of hits you across the face.

It kicks up again with My Mirror Speaks, and I Was Once a Loyal Lover, that if not all together there lyrically, move sonically. And Talking Bird shows that Ben holds his own all by himself (and better than on Narrow Stairs).

The EP is worth it for the first song alone. The other four make it a necessary purchase.

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