Monday, October 20, 2008

Glee Clubs And Lettered Pullovers

"To steal away with you again
to go to Mystic, Connecticut
to watch the drawbridge go up and the tall ships come in."
No Kids - Old Iron Gate

Fall was in full effect in Chocolate City.

Light bit of frost on the cars. A nice cool nip for my run this morning. Leaves beginning to drop, swirling around.

And again, I found myself drawn to "Come Into My House."

Aside from creating perfect pop bliss, No Kids have done an excellent job of capturing that essence of fall. It's like they bottled up a whole season and crammed it into 41 minutes.

All day long, I found myself whistling and humming "Old Iron Gate." I was drumming on the walls, getting all into the break down in the middle of the song, with the horns and stuff. I'm sure I drove my coworkers mad.

I probably drive them insane on most days anyway.

No Kids - 'Old Iron Gate'

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