Friday, October 10, 2008

Rosebuds - Life Like

I'm not sure when The Rosebuds had time to record a new album, since I'm pretty sure they've been on a never ending tour to support 2006's 'Night of the Furies.'

Anyway, they dropped 'Life Like' earlier this week, and it's nothing if not consistent. From the beginning, you can tell Furies is a close cousin, but you can hear those acoustic, non electronic echoes of 'Birds Make Good Neighbors.'

Don't get me wrong. it's an incredibly lush album, and the songs while dark themed, are still very accessible. It is what you've come to expect from The Rosebuds, and having those expectation satisfied is always very rewarding.

It's a good album, a worthy followup to Furies, if not necessarily a successor.

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