Friday, October 31, 2008

We Get Letters

I'm stealing a feature from my other crappy blog called "We Get Letters." This is where I post letters and emails I get from people I know. If I ran a newspaper, I would have this instead of letters to the editor.

Anyway, this letter is from my boy Jeff M., the Human 808 machine. He used to be part of The Alphabetical Order, but now he just holds it down solo, David Byrne Style.

Jeff gets to go to concerts on the weekdays. And he went to one last night
I saw Jaguar Love last night at Black Cat and they were amazing!! Maybe not your thing, but check out the track "Humans Evolve Into Skyscrapers" on eMusic. It's got this Timbaland-ish beat, with the 16th note hi-hats and syncopated kick/snare (is every producer doing this these days? I feel like Timb started it).
But it also has loud start/stop guitars, actual singing mixed with screaming. It's like everything I want music to be.

2008 has shaped up to be a killer year for music. I mean, look at No Kids: orchestral pop with more percussion than a high school band class plus r&b beats and a singer that can deliver on that promise. Jaguar Love, No Kids -- they're not afraid, and that's what I love about them.
So there you have it. Jeff, The Thrilla in an Arlington Villa, recommending Jaguar Love.

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