Thursday, October 9, 2008


We've got the interview questions back from Ra Ra Riot, and they're good. I'm very pleased they took a little time out from what must be an insane touring schedule to answer them.

I'll post them later on tonight after I run them through my patented media filter, but I wanted to tease it up a bit first.

A few days ago I linked to an amazing version of the song 'Oh La' that the band had contributed to the project. I asked them about it and this is what I got back
We’ve known Jack [Dolgen of Maricopa], the site’s creator, for a while – we opened for his band, Sam Champion, at our first ever show, which took place in our manager’s basement! (Our manager was arrested later this night for disturbing the peace.) I think Jack contacted us about getting involved, and we had just recorded some new arrangements for We were particularly happy with how Oh, La came out, and were even more excited to share it with him.

There's more to come from the interview, but just wanted to drop a little bit from it, CBS Katie Couric style!

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