Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ra Ra Riot Donates a Song for the Cause

I'm going to try and keep politics out of this blog as much as possible, but our first featured band, Ra Ra Riot, has donated a a remix of their song "Oh La" to BarackRock.org .

According to BarackRock.org's website
BarackRock.org started with one song and a desire for change. It has grown into a movement of musicians and artists creating an ever-expanding catalogue of free, exclusive songs, each with its own individual art, meant to inspire participation and donations for the Obama Campaign. These are unreleased tracks and demos, only available here and now, so plug in your headphones and make a difference!
I think you'll really like this song. It's a bit more sparse than the original, with a crazy little piano tinkling over it, and a driving drumbeat.

One of the elements I really dig about this band is the really intrepid and full frontal use of the strings in the music. Their not afraid to feature them way up front, and the album benefits from that risk. This song really highlights the violin playing.

Check it out. I think you'll be pleased.

h/t to the incredible Shelby Miller for pointing me to this!

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