Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Featured Band - No Kids

The next band I'm going to feature has put out what could possibly be my favorite album of the year.

No Kids, a trio from Vancouver, play this sort of R&B tinged melodic indie pop about autumnal trips through New England on their debut album "Come Into My House."

I got the album back in February and was instantly in love with the sound. I then saw them in April opening for the Dirty Projectors and was just floored by the ability to recreate that full sound with just three people.

The album reminds me of N.E.R.D.'s "In Search Of..." but sans the crazy sex, violence, and well, more crazy sex.

We've got an interview with singer/keyboardist Nick Krgovich. We've got some great links. We'll be heading out to see them at the Black Cat this Saturday (opening up for Mirah) And because I'm super technically smart, I've even found a way to post music.

No Kids - "The Beaches All Closed"

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