Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okkervil River - The Stand Ins

People I know and respect have been bugging me to listen to Okkervil River for the longest time.

And I have consistently resisted. For no good reason.

These are people who have exceptional taste in music, and have turned me on to numerous other great bands. One is my child's godfather.

That's right. I would trust this man to raise my children if God forbid anything happened to me. But I put him off on a music recommendation.

So I picked up (downloaded?) their newest album, The Stand Ins, about a month ago. And it's good. Really really good.

The lyrics are sharp and witty (who knew a song about a porn star could be so good?). The music is kind of alt country light. It's sort of where Bright Eyes would slot if he weren't so earnest. It's just a fun album.

I should listen to people more

Get Now - "Lost Coastlines", "Singer Songwriter", "Pop Lies"

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